We ♥ Entrepreneurs

You’re a growing, tech-smart entrepreneurial business going places that few others are brave enough to go.

So are we, and we’re right there with you.

Virtuosity is not your usual kind of financial consulting firm, which is great because you’re not your average, keep-things-ticking-over kind of business either.

We expect that, like us, you’ve outgrown your bookkeeper or accountant and you’re tired of having to re-educate them about what you do when you meet up once a year to get your taxes done. You’re looking for insight and actionable advice, not another backward looking table of numbers that tells you something you already knew.

Yes, we tick the box as Chartered Accountants but this is just one technical skillset we bring to bear – you may be a coder, salesperson, marketer, designer or retailer but above all you’re an entrepreneur and a business builder. And that’s where your and our passions combine perfectly – we love growing businesses and we want to work with you to grow yours.

We split our time between Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, and support businesses as far away as Singapore and London. Our team has supported, invested in and worked for growing, tech-smart businesses for the last 12 years and we’ve got the scars and war stories to show for it. We have been the ones at the pointy end of managing cash and burn rates – knowing when the runway will end, and what to do before you get there.

Couple that with a wealth of experience in private equity and investment banking, and we can work with you to position your business for fund raising from banks and investors and be on your side of the table for an eventual exit.

With more than 45 years of combined experience gleaned from appointments in organisations big and small around the world,  it is this mix of knowledge and experience that will help you to build a better business faster.

We believe in transparent pricing. So we made our pricing clear and predictable up-front. We want an active conversation with our clients, so we’ve made it so our clients can call / email / message us any time without feeling the clock is ticking.

Oh yes, we also like Tacos, Margarita’s, Corona and Chorizo, yep definitely Chorizo … hmmm … anybody for a Mexican road trip?

Seriously though, we’d love to meet you to hear about your business and talk about a fixed price package that will help you to grow your business. So, please contact us to book a meeting or phone call.

"Amidst the chaos that is the tech startup world, Remco’s role as a virtual CFO provided a much-needed grounding and reality check to help us build realistic plans and supporting financial models for the business. His proven expertise, integrity and understanding of the startup space means there is no doubt that I will call on him again in my next venture."

− Mal Chia, Marketing Manager @ NoQ Apps

"Darius has the rare skills to find clarity in the detail and volatility, and to bring both management and teams on the journey."

− Daniel Papallo - Manager, Group Performance & Reporting @ Qantas

"Having hired Remco twice, I can attest to Remco’s knowledge of venture capital and the process of raising funds from venture capitalists. He has an excellent understanding of finance and a passion for growing businesses."

− Geoff Thomas - Former CEO @ Playford Capital and Paragon Equity, CEO @ Axant

"Darius has an excellent grasp of the strategic and tactical financial requirements for growing and established companies. His consulting and operational experience would be invaluable to any organisation."

− Alisdair Faulkner - Chief Products Office @ ThreatMetrix

"Remco’s technology and private equity experience helped us provide the needed focus and resources to complete a Market Due Diligence and financial modelling to support an investment decision for our venture capital fund client."

− Alastair Gilchrist, Founder @ I Don’t Believe It

"During its evolutionary phase of growth, Remco’s practical and strategic advice to Earth Communities as a Virtual CFO has been invaluable."

− During its evolutionary phase of growth, Remco’s practical and strategic advice to Earth Communities as a Virtual CFO has been invaluable.