Dr. Seuss’ Top 10 Tips for Entrepreneurs

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Dr Seuss for Entrepreneurs Download Presentation

For the last 10 years, I have been a CFO for various entrepreneurial businesses (check out LinkedIn if you want to see more of my background).   I’m a voracious reader and since deciding to share myself around as a virtual CFO for a number of business through Virtuosity CFO Services, I’ve been researching what it meant to acheter viagra be an Entrepreneur.  Funnily, despite all my formal accounting and business education, and after reading lots about Lean Startups, it was while reading Dr Seuss books to my 3 year old daughter one night that some lightbulbs came on.

I recently shared these takeaways as a fun, anecdotal story on what it means to be an entrepreneur, as seen through that master story teller, Dr. Seuss.

To see my Top 10 lessons from Dr. Seuss on being an Entrepreneur, check out the Slideshare or Prezi presentations.

Oh, the Places we will go 🙂


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